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What is IV Therapy?

IV treatment is a means of administering fluids and medications. The term "intravenous" refers to a treatment that is delivered through the veins. An IV drip or injection into a vein delivers a fluid containing vitamins and minerals or medication, allowing the therapy to travel quickly through your system.

Is IV Therapy safe?

Yes! We ensure the safety of IV kits we provide by only sourcing our IV kits from FDA Outsourcing Facilities. FDA Outsourcing Facilities are held to a MUCH higher standard than traditional compounding pharmacies. All medications, once compounded, are held in quarantine for 14 days and not released until sterility and potency testing has been completed by a 3rd party laboratory. Consequently, the IV compounds we use are much higher quality than alternatives on the market.

How does mobile IV Therapy work?

On the day of your appointment, our New Hampshire licensed nurse will arrive at your home or wherever you'd like the treatment performed. 

IV treatment is a simple process to perform. You may expect the process to be very consistent regardless of the sort of IV therapy you are receiving. You will be guided through the procedure by the nurse administering the therapy. Ideally, you will be seated in a comfortable position for the length of the therapy. The nurse will clean the injection site before inserting a needle into a vein. The IV is usually inserted into the arm, although it can also be inserted into another body part if needed.

The nurse will examine the pump after the IV is inserted to make sure the delivery rate is correct. IV therapy can be administered using either a manual or automated pump. The fluid drips into your body through the catheter. Upon entering your body, the contents of the IV bag are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. When compared to oral delivery, this approach normally delivers medication faster. You will need to remain completely still during IV therapy to avoid disturbing or dislodging the catheter. Aside from that, you can read, watch TV, or use your phone while waiting.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment online or via phone. You can also book appointments for groups, events, or your business via phone.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Clinical evidence has shown that IV administration aids with faster recovery from a number of conditions. Proper administration of IV fluids at the correct time can aid with athletic performance, cognitive ability, and recovery from illness.

How are IV kits made?

We only carry IV kits that have been expertly crafted by the leading national compounding pharmacies. All ingredients in our IV kits have been FDA approved and are of the highest purity to ensure safety and efficacy for the patient.

Where are services provided?

Drip Squad only operates in New Hampshire. All nurses and services are licensed in the state of New Hampshire. We will decline to perform services in any other state. If we expand our services beyond the state of New Hampshire the website will indicate.

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